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Real estate and construction

Legal support for purchase and sale, lease agreements.

Legal support for purchase and sale, lease agreements. Without delving into technical details (technical condition, materials used, compliance with state construction regulations, etc.), the lawyer conducts a thorough audit of draft agreements; monitors the consistency of agreement copies; verifies the presence of supporting documentation that confirms the authority of the parties in the capacity of signatories; verifies the ownership over the objects by their rightful owners or users—the parties to the agreement.

Legal counselling on investments

Legal support for activities in the field of designing, coordination of design documentation, construction, commissioning, and other aspects. This helps to effectively invest monetary capital, reduce the duration of preparatory stages and actual construction works, and promptly submit and approve documentation for their completion and the commissioning of the project. This speeds up the process of registering property rights;

Assistance in obtaining approval documentation

Replacement, renovation of outdated buildings, due diligence of real estate agreements, consultations, all those are related to taxation.

Before the commencement of works, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Regulation of City Planning Activity» and the Procedure for the Execution of Preparatory and Construction Works, it is necessary to submit a relevant set of documents to the architectural and construction control authorities, including notices/declarations, or obtain a permit (depending on the types of work, complexity categories, etc.).

In this regard, the question of obtaining a license arises, which may be necessary depending on the category of complexity of the object.

Tax lawyer consultation will help choose the optimal option for concluding an agreement with minimal financial costs by reducing rates for fees, duties, etc.;

Legal support for the process of technical inventory of buildings and structures is aimed at determining its value, actual area and volume, inspection and assessment of the technical condition.

In this case, the lawyer’s task involves the documental side of the issue, verifying the information in the inventory file and issued certificates against factual data, as well as representing the client’s interests directly at the Technical Inventory Bureau.

Legal support for registering ownership rights to real estate

According to Article 334 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, property rights to real estate arise after the corresponding state registration. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On State Registration of Real Rights», the following rights are subject to state registration: ownership rights to both completed and unfinished objects; real rights derived from ownership rights.

The task of the lawyer is to assist in promptly formalizing the agreement, ensuring compliance with all requirements, starting from the signing of the relevant agreement and ending with the notarization of real estate and its registration.