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All-in-one support for businesses

All-in-one support for businesses includes:

  • provision of legal consultations, conclusions. Explaining the current legislation that may be applicable to a specific situation. The key requirements at this stage include promptness and timeliness, informativeness considering latest legislative changes; precision and, preferably, the identification of an optimal solution. Written consultations offer a more in-depth and substantive response, referencing specific norms of laws and subordinate acts. On one hand, this requires a bit more time to analyze the situation, and on the other hand, it entails additional responsibility for the consultant in case of incorrect or imprecise interpretation or clarification;
  • elaboration and analysis of agreements. Since any arrangement precedes the emergence, alteration, or termination of specific rights and obligations for each party involved in the agreement, it is crucial to approach the matter of competently preparing drafts and the agreements themselves with careful consideration before their signing. During the analysis of agreements, attention is given not only to stylistic or technical details but also to the presence of essential terms in the agreement, the degree of responsibility for non-compliance with the agreement, verification of signatories’ authority, etc.
  • preparation and legal expertise of client documentation, business correspondence with counterparties, inquiries, including those from state authorities, responses to them, and other documents. Maintenance of internal documentation (orders, directives, instructions) from a legal standpoint will help prevent or minimize conflicts in the future, reducing negative consequences for the company. Timely submission of claims, complaints, and appeals will allow the company to reduce accounts receivable, promptly resolve business issues, and address misunderstandings before legal action is taken or negative decisions are made by regulatory bodies against the company.
  • participation in the negotiation process and meetings, providing complete legal support for agreements. This allows the company to operate not only within the legislative framework but also to promptly achieve negotiation results – the signing of relevant documents. Regarding the complete legal support of agreements, the in-house legal department of a company may not always handle this task, as it involves a certain degree of isolation and confidentiality compared to other structures within the organization. Consequently, incomplete risk management in the execution of agreements can lead to negative consequences. A distinctive feature of professionals involved in agreement support is a comprehensive approach – knowledge and awareness in both finance and law;
  • representation of interests of the client before government authorities. This aspect allows for the effective resolution of assigned tasks (obtaining permits for specific activities or work, renewing licenses, etc.), responding promptly and appropriately to the actions of regulatory bodies following inspections, or engaging in correspondence (filing complaints) in case of inaction on the part of the authorities. Advocating for client interests is a priority in the representative functions of an attorney.

In summary, our business support services include all-in-one support in addressing assigned tasks, minimizing risks, and achieving optimal outcomes for company activities.